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Neal Aircraft: A Message To Our Friends

This year has been tough for all of us, on every front and aviation has been no different. We are facing unprecedented global and national challenges. Through these challenges Neal Aircraft has remained true to our mission statement: our values, servicing our customers, prioritizing our stewardship for the industry and our community.

Our commitment has enabled us to keep you flying, and to provide parts and services through every environmental and economic challenge.

This focus has allowed us to provide you the support you need to keep you flying.  Know we are behind you:  to ship you parts, provide you service and most of all, being there for you. 

Air Tractor has partnered with PPG to develop the safest windshield on the ag market.  PPG leads the aerospace industry in technology development for aircraft windows.  PPG has a long history of being a leading supplier of flight deck windows to the general aviation, commercial, and military sectors.  PPG has key partnerships with most OEMs globally including, but not limited too, Bombardier, Dassault, Beechcraft, Cessna, Embraer, Gulfstream, Piaggio, Pilatus, Piper, Agusta, Bell, Sikorsky and Eclipse.  

We are proud to announce Air Tractor’s exciting improvements for its 2021 aircraft line. The new PPG windshield is now standard, which is reportedly more impact resistant than the comparable Storm Shield. 

Pilot safety is always our primary concern; which is why we’re also proud to announce Air Tractor is incorporating stainless steel entry steps and spray on application wing walk to its line up.  

Neal Aircraft isn’t successful unless, our loyal customers are successful.  We are proud to support essential people accomplishing critical work. Stop by our booth (#733) at the show, we have fantastic giveaways and look forward to seeing you!  





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