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Life Insurance at Falcon

Falcon Insurance Agency is pleased to announce that we are offering Life Insurance for pilots as well as AD&D and Loss of License coverage.

You can fill out an online application at https://falconinsurance.com/products/#life_insurance_for_pilots or contact us at 800-880-4545 to learn more. 

With one of the finest teams of aviation insurance professionals in the marketplace, Falcon Insurance Agency has the capability, commitment, and resources to handle any and all of your aviation insurance requirements. Falcon is fully licensed in all 50 states, with a client base that exceeds 25,000 individual aviation clients, making us one of the largest aviation insurance agencies in the country.

Call on us for all your aviation insurance needs!

Austin: 800-370-0557

Dallas:  800-880-0801

Houston: 800-880-8822

Kerrville (Home Office): 800-880-4545

Lakeland: 800-881-9688

Scottsdale: 800-880-3597

St. Louis: 800-880-8644





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