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Aerial Application Helping Bird Population in Arkansas

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission does dozens of habitat-enhancement projects at lakes throughout the state to boost angling opportunities.

A recent project at Mike Knoedl Tri-County Lake will offer added food and habitat for ducks as well as the fish that use this 280-acre Calhoun County reservoir. Millet was broadcast by airplane over roughly 100 acres of exposed shoreline to benefit waterfowl during their 2021-22 winter migration.

The lake was lowered 4 feet in mid-July and held at that level to combat some of the nuisance aquatic vegetation growing around the fishing jetties. The lake, which was constructed in 1953 by the AGFC, has seen bank erosion fill some of the area around the jetties, which has promoted nuisance vegetation. The drawdown enables the lakebed to dry, killing the vegetation. It also dries and compacts the soil of the shallow reservoir, reducing silt load.

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