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Chem-Man by DataSmart Introduces New Service Life Maintenance Software.

It’s been a long time coming, and after many requests, we’re finally releasing our new Service Life online software. I’m so excited it’s finally ready to release! (Version 1)

Service Life is a software program that helps report the calculations of cycles remaining on engines and reports airframe parts’ life. Currently, many maintenance operators use spreadsheets to do this calculation.

After the initial setup of the vehicles, components and airframe parts, the user will either enter or import the flights, starts and tach hours of the aircraft. This will allow the program to calculate the life of the component and airframe parts.

Years ago, I created the desktop version with the help of several maintenance operators because the need was there. The time has come to bring it online, so I hired a dedicated developer to work solely on the Service Life online software.

One of the advantages of moving from the desktop to the online format is the ability to access your data from anywhere. No more dragging clunky logbooks around! Another is the ability to be notified when the life of an airframe part needs to be reviewed.

Many of our Chem-Man customers also like to use the software for their own knowledge about their aircraft. It also gives a very neat report to the engine maintenance facility to have precise data to base their work on.

Of course, we always design our software from multiple advisers with knowledge in the industry. One of our knowledgeable “consultants” is Sam Ellett with Nor-Wes, Inc., a Chem-Man customer. Here is what he has to say.

“At Nor-Wes, Inc, we operate ten fixed-wing aircraft and a turbine helicopter and are based in various parts of the country, including Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, and Iowa. Our fleet consists of multiple makes and models of aircraft and engines.

Along with aerial application, we also offer Aircraft Maintenance and Repairs at our Creston, IA location and in Natchitoches, LA, through our sister company Chief Aviation Services, LLC. The ability to manage our fleet or our customer’s fleet maintenance from anywhere on a computer, tablet, or phone will enhance our ability to better budget future maintenance expenses and hopefully prepare for those unexpected maintenance expenses will be a game-changer and drastically improve our current system of fleet management. It will also help us and our customers create a more efficient operation by reducing downtime for maintenance.”

I’m excited to offer new software that will help users with their workflow. Our customers will drive the direction of the software. I know that we will be moving toward tasks such as inspections, detailed work on the aircraft, billing, inventory, and much more. We showed it at the nationals in Savannah with much interest!

If you’re interested in a trial run of the Service Life software, check out our website at www.servicelifesoftware.com or email us at support@servicelifesoftware.com.

Y’all stay safe!






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