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NAAA Augments its Policy, Education and Safety Services with Hiring of Matt Gill

With an influx of more rigid federal policies forthcoming from the federal government pertaining to pesticide use and climate change, coupled with NAAA establishing a voluntary professional aerial application certification program designed to further mitigate accidents and augment aerial application professionalism, the association has hired Matt Gill from the University of Illinois.


Gill received his graduate degree at the University of Illinois in agricultural engineering and has worked as an extension specialist in agricultural technology at the university’s Department of Agriculture and Biological Engineering for several years. He is a familiar face in the aerial application industry, having worked as an Operation S.A.F.E. aircraft application efficacy analyst for years. He also is the chairman of the NAAREF Operation S.A.F.E. Committee and will be the recipient of this year’s Evans-Christopher Operation S.A.F.E. Award, which recognizes individuals that have made outstanding contributions to the Operation S.A.F.E. program.


Gill will serve as NAAA’s manager of education, safety and policy starting Oct. 1. He will serve again under his former supervisor at the University of Illinois, Dr. Scott Bretthauer, whose title will now be director of policy, education and safety. NAAA CEO Andrew Moore said about the NAAA staff strengthening, “With the current administration taking a more aggressive approach toward the regulation of pesticides and the environment, and NAAA establishing its professional certification program, C-PAASS, next year to reward participation in education programs proven to mitigate accidents and improve application efficacy, now is the time to buttress staff with knowledgeable individuals. We welcome Matt Gill on board the NAAA team to help us do just that.”





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