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Groundbreaking Technology Provides Improved Efficacy at Lower GPA Rates for More Efficient Aerial Applications

Helping growers achieve optimal results from their chemical applications is the goal of every aerial applicator. A new technology from Corbet Scientific called Hydrovant® is helping aerial applicators provide those results to their customers. Replicated studies have shown that a combination of Syngenta insecticide Actara® and Hydrovant at 5 gallons per acre (GPA) provided better efficacy than just Actara by itself at much higher GPA rates.

When tank mixed, this new activator-sticker technology increases the efficacy of both contact and systemic pesticides, pre- and post-emerge herbicides and fertilizers. It allows pesticides and fertilizers to stay on the leaf and work longer by creating a dynamic coating that holds the active ingredient in place and optimizes effectiveness while allowing carbon dioxide and other gasses to flow through to the plant. It’s also used on a per-volume basis at 12.3oz per 100 gallons, which makes it work well in any GPA application. The result is more efficient applications, higher efficacy, and lower environmental impact.

Jeff Summersill of Thomas R. Summersill, Inc., an aerial and ground application company that has served southern Florida for 65 years, uses Hydrovant in both aerial and ground applications. He says he’s observed more effective, longer-lasting applications.
“When you have infestation pressure, timing is critical,” said Summersill. “The faster you can get crops treated with a high-quality spray, the better you can protect your crop. The low GPA when using Hydrovant means we cover more acres in a shorter period with a lower cost per acre. It can also help growers facing a labor shortage. What you can do with one plane in a day might take several ground machines several days. Plus, it is rainfast, so you can do more in marginal weather conditions and still get the desired result.”

In fact, a rainfast trial conducted at Sparks Isotope Lab at Cornell University found that Hydrovant showed 40 percent more pesticide present after 28 days in rainforest conditions.

“We treat the grower’s crop like it is our own,” said Summersill. “Fortunately, we are seeing similar results across the country, which builds trust. In our personal experience, we’ve seen growers who use Hydrovant on a small percentage of acres the first year increases the number of acres where it is applied year after year. Some growers use it on all their acres because it’s so effective and economical.”

Summersill also points out that Hydrovant is a versatile product that can help streamline a grower’s program and eliminate the need for multiple adjuvants. It can be used across various specialty crops. It can also be used in nearly any application type and tank mixes with most active ingredients.

“This technology can be a game-changer for a grower’s operation,” said Tom Zangrillo, vice president at Corbet Scientific

. “Through relentless research and countless trials, we’ve developed a product that is
effective and versatile. It is patented across the globe. The ag industry hasn’t seen technology like this before.”





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