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Reabe Aircraft Improvement Announces New Electric Reabe Hopper Packer

Reabe Aircraft Improvement (RAI) announces the launch of their new electric Reabe Hopper Packer which consists of an auger and hopper door. The system combines new novel designs with long-standing proven features that have been in operation for over 30 years in Australia.

RAI’s Reabe Hopper Packer is a powerful partner that compliments the electric Reabe Smart
Gates that have been flying since 2018. The Reabe Smart Gates have proven to be powerful and reliable systems using an electric motor. The benefits of the lightweight and compact motor allow for a simple, clean installation. Similar advantages are found on the Reabe Hopper Packer.

The electric auger is a quick disconnect system that can simply and easily be installed or
removed by one person without the need for tools. This simple clamping system allows for
quick turnover and system longevity as the auger is not sitting in chemical while spraying. In addition, only mechanical connections are inside the hopper, so no electrical connections or lines pass through chemical in the hopper.

The hopper door design is derived from a system that has been installed and operated by the Air Tractor dealer in Australia for over 30 years in rice and fertilizer operations. The elegantly designed door does not slam and provides a liquid tight seal to the hopper door using a roller

RAI’s unprecedented products are a testament to the aerial application industry’s operators, pilots, and mechanics who provide excellent feedback on ways to improve upon current equipment. RAI is very proud to know that the industry has spoken through the success of their novel electric products, and those innovative ideas will move our industry forward into the next generation. Visit us at ReabeAir.com or contact Sales@ReabeAir.com for more information.

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