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Vendor Busy Time!

What a busy time it is to be a vendor! The winter months are our busiest time of the year. It’s always great to see everyone again and meet new people.
I’ve been focusing a lot on educating our customers and teaching many classes at the conventions as well as our annual seminar in Jonesboro.

Our software Chem-Man has steadily grown with new updates. Education is key. Our goal is for new updates to make workflows easier for our operations. One example is GPS synchronization. It’s so much easier than using a thumb drive. At the click of a button, your polygons are sent to the cloud, which is received by the GPS receiver in the plane. When the work is completed, you can import your applied data similarly.

Our operations must give their customers good information so they will be informed and impressed with the data. There are tools such as customer notifications and reports that give them good information about the jobs that have been applied on their fields. There’s also a feature for farmer logins where the farmer can enter the job themselves l. These are filtered for them only to see their data. This has been a big hit because it saves our operations time on entry.

When we had our annual seminar in Jonesboro, the weather got terrible, so we had about half the number of people that generally come. I decided to have a virtual seminar the following week. We had a great time with many good questions, and it lasted 4 hours. The only bad thing that happened was that my voice started to give out.

I guess that’s what happens when you talk too much! That’s one of my weaknesses. I get so excited I talk and talk.

I’m excited to have our new salesman Drake Martin join our team. In the past 31 years, I’ve been the only salesperson. He is doing a great job because he has used and believes in our product for four years. That’s the first step in being a great salesman.

Our company is really growing! We’ve grown to 18 people, and as we continue to grow, I will most likely hire more staff. This year we will be going to Canada as several good customers are getting on board. I’ve never been to Canada, but I’m excited to go!

I hope everyone has a great year! Y’all stay safe.





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