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Mosquitoes’ Fate Sealed by New Eradication Program

The National Directorate General for Disaster Management (OKF), responsible for the implementation of the mosquito control program, will eradicate mosquitoes in 11 counties and 215 municipalities, covering an area of almost 70,000 hectares this week, the OKF informed MTI on Monday.

Due to the rainy weather of the past weeks and the high water level of rivers, a large number of mosquito breeding sites have been formed in the country, and the warming weather has also started to draw adult mosquitoes. According to the statement,

in this situation, mosquitoes are most likely to be found along rivers and lakes, but backwater puddles also provide an ideal habitat for them.

This week, the exterminator will be aerially applied in liquid form to the reed-covered marshy areas of Lake Balaton and Lake Velence. The floodplain breeding sites along the rivers will be treated with an aerial application of a solid product that can penetrate the tree leaves, but treatments will also be carried out from ground vehicles and on foot.

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