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Thrush Aircraft Announces Transport Canada Type Certification of New Aircraft Mode

ALBANY, Georgia, May 26, 2023 Thrush Aircraft, LLC, a major aerial application aircraft manufacturing company, announced the next step in completing four certification programs for two engine and airframe configurations. These programs combine their best 510-gallon airframe with additional engine options from Pratt and Whitney (PT6-34AG and PT6-140AG) to create the 510P2 and 510P2+ models. Both engines are integrated with single and dual cockpit versions of the airframe, historically used for their 510G model.

Thrush is pleased to announce that both new single cockpit configurations have been granted their Type Certificate Approval from Transport Canada.  The dual cockpit configurations are planned for certification later this summer.  510P2 and 510P2+ models have been ordered by eight different countries on three continents.  Thrush will continue to build and deliver the 710P aircraft, as that production line is not affected by the certification program.

Mark McDonald, Thrush Aircrafts CEO, commented, “The new P2 and P2+ deliver increased performance, productivity and reliability to our customers. We are continuing to invest in our production capacity to meet the growing demand for our products and services. The feedback from operators has been very positive and we’re grateful for the significant number of orders we’ve received.”





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