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Tabula Strengthens Job Management Capabilities for the Aerial Application Industry with Acquisition of CLASS Software.

4 June 2023 – Tabula (formerly known as TracMap), leading provider of aviation GPS guidance and job management systems, has announced partnership with and future acquisition of the CLASS software from MAP Computer Systems.

MAP Computer Systems and their flagship product CLASS have been supporting the Job Management needs of the Aerial Application Industry for 25 years. The software is based on the principles and concepts developed over the years through consultation with aerial operators Australia wide, ensuring it meets the aviation sector’s specific requirements.

The planned integration of the CLASS software into Tabula’s existing aviation solution, AirVision, is set to revolutionise the way job management is handled in the agriculture aviation sector. This integration will enable seamless chemical inventory management, pilot commission calculations, and detailed reporting.

“Our vision is to empower our customers with cutting-edge technologies that optimise their operations and drive industry advancements,” said John Enlow, CEO of Tabula. “Mark Parry, founder of MAP Computer Systems, has built a very well respected and capable system. This partnership and future acquisition of the CLASS software represents a significant milestone in our AirVision journey, as we continue to enhance our offerings and expand our global presence.” Tabula’s immediate focus will be on integrating the CLASS software for its Australian fixed-wing customers.

Mark Parry, CEO of CLASS, will join the Tabula Aviation team at the upcoming Aerial Application Association of Australia convention. The convention is scheduled to take place on the Gold Coast from June 5th to 7th.

About Tabula Founded in 2006, Tabula, formerly known as TracMap, has established itself as a leading provider of agricultural GPS guidance and job management systems for aviation and ground applications. Tabula allows customers to precisely control what goes on the land. Allowing them to know for sure that the work has been completed accurately and efficiently and that they will have the proof for compliance purposes. By fostering seamless collaboration between farmers and contractors, Tabula encourages those who manage productive land to care for it, safeguard its value and increase its productivity now and for generations to come. Visit Tabula.live for more information.





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