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Crop Duster Pete, a Children’s Book that Captures Daily Ag Aviation

Crop Duster Pete, written by Peter Schellenberger, takes young readers on an enchanting journey through the skies in a tale filled with the daily routine of agricultural aviation. This delightful 22-page children’s book will surely capture young readers’ imagination and leave them yearning for more.


The story revolves around Pete, a humble crop duster and his day-to-day operations in an agricultural spraying service. From the very beginning of the day, Schellenberger captures children’s imaginations as they load the aircraft, taxi, find the field and apply the product.


The book concludes with the standard end-of-workday chores for any operator and brings the children along to see what a busy day is like in the lives of an ag pilot.


The writing style employed by Peter Schellenberger is simple yet captivating for the child’s mind, making it perfect for young readers. The story flows smoothly, effortlessly drawing readers into Pete’s world. Schellenberger skillfully weaves in descriptive language, painting vivid pictures of the countryside and the exhilarating experience of flying through the air. Accompanying the charming narrative are beautifully illustrated pages that add to the storyline.


Crop Duster Pete is published by Christian Faith Publishing, available in both digital and paperback formats.





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