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The Photo Issue

This year, AgAir Update launched the “AgAv Pics” section in the magazine, featuring the very best of ag aviation imagery submitted to us via both email and social media channels. The addition of this segment to the magazine has seen a massive increase in the visibility of the agricultural aviation industry globally. Our daily features on social media have continued to showcase the need for aerial application and the hard work of operators who work diligently every day to fly safely, providing quality service to their customers.

Our social media reach has continued to grow over the years, now averaging between 300,000- 500,000 impressions each week, with some weeks spiking to double that number. This continues to be another positive step for the industry that continues to pay dividends, pushing positive content to the general public about our industry.

We hope that you enjoy this look back at some of the featured images in the magazine and online and that you continue to enjoy and share our content on social media. We would like to thank everyone who submitted images to us this year, and we look forward to featuring many more next year. Don’t forget to tag us if you have images you would like to see featured on our social media channels and in the AgAv Pics section of the magazine in 2024!





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