• Get to Know the Sliders

    Get to Know the Sliders0

    Crop protection applications must provide for their droplets to reach the target in a uniform and precise manner. Considering this, an innovative equipment arrives at the Brazilian market, with the objective of improving application quality and mitigate the risk of drift. The Israeli-born technology is being submitted to field tests by the ADAMA company, which

  • Radial engines continue taking to the sky in Brazil

    Radial engines continue taking to the sky in Brazil0

    Although the radial engine for an ag-plane in the United States was the mainstay before the advent of turbine powered ag-aircraft, the engine never gained much popularity in Brazil. During the early years of radial engine use in Brazil, obtaining support and a parts inventory was difficult. Today, even fewer of these radial engines are

  • Abertas inscrições para demonstrações práticas no Congresso da Aviação Agrícola do Brasil0

    Expositores que quiserem fazer demonstrações práticas de seus equipamentos e aeronaves no primeiro dia do Congresso da Aviação Agrícola do Brasil, em Maringá/PR, já podem se inscrever junto ao Sindicato Nacional das Empresas de Aviação Agrícola (Sindag), que organiza o evento. O Congresso vai ocorrer de 6 a 9 de agosto (segunda a quinta-feira) e