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Zanoni Equipamentos Starts 2023 with Approvals and New Projects for Global Agricultural Aviation

Aerial application technologies from the Zanoni Equipamentos gained great international support in 2022. The company increased its production capacity, advanced with aeronautical certifications, presented new developments and expanded its network of partners around the globe.

Rotary Atomizers

2022 was marked by the quality recognition of the Zanoni atomizer, following varied application criterias . The equipment has been approved by a leading mosquito control company in the US, evaluated in an extensive drift protocol using various types of adjuvants, qualified to work on high-speed aircraft (such as the AT502XP, AT602 and AT802), and has been certified for the use on Air Tractors on cotton. In addition, several versions of the brand’s atomizers were examined in all models of ag aircraft in the Brazilian aircraft fleet, generating a database with more than 100 studies carried out over the past three years.


In addition to atomizers, Zanoni Fire Gates have also gained validation from the global aerial firefighting industry. The work of several Brazilian aerial application companies in firefighting (which use their equipment) was constantly highlighted in Aerial Fire Magazine, AgAir Update’s sister publication, placing the Brazilian model as an international reference for the private sector. Zanoni gates have also gained prominence for their international use, appearing at agricultural aviation events in South Africa and Argentina. The company was also responsible for establishing the first laboratory on aerial firefighting in Latin America. Its equipment was evaluated across the entire line of Air Tractors and approved for combating fire in high-density vegetation, such as forests. The technological novelty in this product line was the integration of the gates to the Agnav system, enabling more precise work in spreading solids (like seeds and fertilizers) and making it the most versatile product on the global market.

Transfer pumps

In the agrochemical supply line, Zanoni presented new models of transfer pumps, improvements in projects to increase durability, and new models of filters with greater ease of operation. This equipment was highlighted at the main agricultural fairs in Brazil, and the technology started to be used by several manufacturers of chemical inductor tanks (with more than a thousand units manufactured in a year).

Certification with ANAC

After four years in the queue, ANAC moved the Supplementary Type Certification (STC) process for Zanoni spraying systems and gates for Air Tractor 402 and 502 aircraft, as well as the company’s Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA). Although Brazilian legislation does not require that dispersing equipment (including firegates, spray pumps, valves, filters, nozzles, etc.) be certified, the company took the initiative to provide greater legal certainty to operators in Brazil.

Productive Capacity

Throughout 2022, Zanoni acquired five large machines, expanded the factory facilities, increased its workforce by 30%, and established new team training and quality control processes. Such developments are part of a large investment cycle carried out by the Brazilian company in the last three years, with the aim of consolidating itself as the main world reference in the ag aviation industry.

Ag Aviation Events

Last year, Zanoni participated in the SINDAG congress, as it has traditionally done since its first event. In addition to the main Brazilian event, the Zanoni team was present at several aircraft clinics around the country, dialoguing with operators and monitoring the performance of their equipment in the field. At the end of the year, the company’s commercial and R&D team participated, for the sixth consecutive year, in the NAAA show, where they always deepen cooperation between the two largest agricultural aviation fleets on the planet.

International Partnerships

In the international area, Zanoni has strengthened its partnership with the Canadian company Ag-Nav, developing new aerial application technology projects for the entire world. The company also expanded its network of international partners, now with direct operations in four countries in Latin America, the USA, South Africa and Australia. Through its network of distributors, Zanoni has been consolidating itself as one of the leaders in the worldwide ag aviation industry.





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