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Aero Applicators and Aero Seat Demo Agricultural Aviation to Colorado Senator Cory Gardner

by Jessica Freeman, Executive Director CoAAA

Annually, Senator Cory Gardner conducts farm tours visiting varied agricultural operations all around the state of Colorado.  The purpose of those varied tours is to learn about current issues affecting rural populations and agricultural producers and look for future solutions. 

On August 21, 2019, the tour brought Senator Gardner to Sterling Colorado to visit Aero Applicators and Aero Seat businesses.  The morning kicked off with a demonstration flight of agricultural aviation and aerial firefighting in the Air Tractor AT-802 S.E.A.T. Aircraft with Senator Gardner riding along in the back seat.  After the demo-flight, the pilot demonstrated an aerial firefighting drop of the new blue-colored fire retardant from Fire and Ice.  

After all of the important demonstrations, a town hall-style meeting was conducted over lunch in the Aero Applicators and Aero Seat hangar. The meetings were very important, but we think it is safe to say that this stop will be one of Senator Gardner’s favorites.  When asked if he would like to ride along again, the Senator responded “absolutely”! The day was a great example of education for our state and national leaders on the importance of aerial application and aerial firefighting. 





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