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100th Loadmaster 4-Blade Propeller Installed

Aero Innovations is soaring with the installation of its 100th LoadMaster 4-blade propeller. Since the release of the LoadMaster propeller in 2015, the results have been very impressive.  The propeller provides an additional increase of up to 233.6 equivalent shaft horsepower, an increase in thrust, shorter takeoff distance, and increased climb rate. “After working with PT6 engines for more than five decades, I thought there had to be a way to carry heavier loads but still have good turn capabilities. I went to work designing a solution and five years later, we have a highly efficient prop with many satisfied customers,” Aero Innovations Founder and Innovator Jim Mills said. 

Our 4-blade LoadMaster propellers are proudly flying in New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and Guatemala. The majority are flying in the US. The installation has also been approved for Canada and Brazil. Additionally, Aero Innovations has acquired an STC for the Record Intake for Thrush PT6A installation.  Aero Innovations has developed a filter system that makes changing and cleaning the filter as easy as changing a furnace filter at home. 

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