Do You Know MORE?

Most of us know how expensive the PT6A engines can be when it comes to maintenance, overhauls, etc; especially the older or higher time engines that are used on aircraft that no longer have an appraisal value to justify the expense of the required overhaul at 3600 hours (or 4100 hours on some engines). Many of these engines are still in great condition, making it even harder to justify the expense of an overhaul. 

Since 1993, MORE Company, Inc. has more than 2500 engines using the FAA-approved MORE Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs) in the US and over 50 foreign countries. 

Commonly known as the “MORE Program”, the MORE Instructions For Continued Airworthiness are a set of directions for maintaining the engine by using an aggressive inspection system; periodic borescope inspection of the hot section, inspection of the compressor and exhaust duct areas, Power Plant-Adjustment Test, spectrometric oil and filter debris analysis, engine vibrational analysis and preventative maintenance. The purpose of this system is to find problems in their early stages and then having found those problems to correct them, promptly. 

For all of you that know MORE, thank you for your recognition, support and continued efforts in keeping the PT6A engines alive!





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