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Johnston Aircraft Helping Improve Your Ag Aircraft Since 1947

We have been working with you to both support and improve your ag aircraft for many decades now, and it has been a productive cooperation. Stearmans, N3N’s,  Callairs, Pawnees, Braves and Thrushs – all have come in and out of our doors for modifications, service, repairs, complete rebuilds, and then support afterwards.

We still support the Brave, Pawnee and Thrush, plus we also help operators all over the world with AgCats, Cessnas, and Air Tractors. In addition we help support the PT6 Turbine Brave, and we work with Cascade Conversions 850 SHP PT6 Conversion for the Thrush and Air Tractor. 

Our heavily modified and rebuilt “Reborn 850 SHP Ultra Thrush” is a good example of what we can do for you, the operator. This aircraft is a frontline contender in the 500 plus gallon category. It is powerful, fast, very nimble, easily handles 500 plus gallon loads up to 106 degrees F., and is a pleasure to fly. We have now finished getting the approval for the 4 blade High Performance Hartzell Prop for this aircraft, and the aircraft is now available for sale.

Long mount Thrush PT6A-41/42 850 SHP Cascade Conversion installation with high performance 108” four blade Hartzell prop.

Our parts department is one of the best in the world in support of ag. Our people are knowledgeable, efficient, and friendly. We have what you need in the way of props, engines, wings, landing gear, spray equipment, GPS., hardware, fabric, YOU NAME IT.

Having been in the ag aviation support business for over 73 years, we have accumulated a great deal of knowledge and expertise to provide you with unparalleled support. We are here To Help YOU be Your Best! 





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