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CD Aviation Services is happy to announce our newest team members!

Jeff Clarke 

APU Technical Support Manager


Jeff is a 59 years old aviation professional from Alloway Village located in Southern New Jersey. Jeff is married with 2 adult boys and 4 grandkids.


Jeff is a 1981 Spartan Graduate with A&P License.He attended Rowan University where he earned his Degree in Aviation Maintenance.


Jeff started his career at Georgetown Aircraft Service in Delaware, he worked there for 2 years working in corporate aviation as an A&P. He then went on to work for  Airwork Corp as an A&P technician and advanced as a process engineer, then on to product Epengineer. Airwork was acquired by Dallas Airmotive Inc where he then advanced to national APU sales & service engineer, and later advanced to APU sales support manager. Jeff worked for Dallas Airmotive for 37 years. He now enjoys employment with CD Aviation Services as APU Technical Support Manager.

Jordan Bussard

Customer Support Manager


Jordan is a 22 Years old young aviation professional from Aurora, MO.Jordan began his career in aviation maintenance at 16 years old working on Cessna, Piper and Cirrus aircraft in the general aviation industry.  He began working for CD Aviation Services in 2020 as an assistant mechanic while studying Business Administration and Spanish in college.


Jordan Graduated from the Missouri Southern Honors Program with a BSBA and as the Outstanding Graduate in Finance, with a professional certificate in Spanish.

During his undergraduate studies, he completed a thesis on the beneficial aspects of an aviation maintenance supervisor and error reporting.


In 2021, Jordan received the Gold Aviation Maintenance Technician Award.

Jordan enjoys spending time in the outdoors, playing music and Jiu Jitsu.





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