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Safe and Productive?

As I’m writing this, an exceptional summer day in the northern hemisphere is starting. Three months of hot weather will be forthcoming, guaranteed for the southern U.S. states, that will stretch into early fall. I’m just elated to be “here”, hot or cold or whatever the weather. But, allow me to regress at this point; more about that subject next month.

Graham brought to my attention today that the ag aviation industry recently lost another pilot. This young gentleman was from Arkansas. Such a sadness to learn of a life cut short. I don’t know the details, yet. I’m sure they will be coming out before you read this editorial.

No matter how much I preach this, no matter how much NAAA and NAAREF preach safety, or all the other ag aviation associations, along with concerned others, the results are most certainly in the hands of the pilot. For those of you that are getting the message and practicing it, kudos to you. For those that are missing the point, maybe something will change your actions, hopefully not a close call, God forbid something worse.

By now, everyone should be aware of AgAir Update’s upcoming hangar party the Friday before the start of this year’s NAAA’s Ag Aviation Expo in Savannah, Georgia, December 6-9, 2021. I know I’m excited about it. Here at AgAir Update planning has already started. I don’t believe Graham would want me to “spill the beans” just yet. However, I do know this year will be a little different from previous ones. Regardless, I hope you include stopping by to share some great southern hospitality with all here at AgAir Update’s hangar party.

I’ve rambled enough. Get back to doing whatever it was you were doing. If you are flying, stop for 10 seconds before you climb in the cockpit for the first time each day asking God to travel with you and promising yourself to make today’s flights safe and productive. By the way, “safe and productive” is not an oxymoron!
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