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Paul Bruton Elected TAAA Chair



Outgoing President Mike Thompson receives his TAAA President’s Pin from wife, Denise.


Congratulations are in order to Paul Bruton of El Campo who was elected earlier this month as TAAA’s 2022 President. Please see a special note from Paul below:


Welcome to 2022 and new set of challenges.


Having grown up in the business , I gained a passion for what we do at a young age, few things are more rewarding than helping feed a hungry planet! Near the Concho Valley of west Texas , my folks owned a flying service utilizing multiple aircraft, treating primarily range land and irrigated cotton. Now this was long before big fancy turbine engines and GPS guidance systems. It was a lot of work but also so much fun!


Today, I have 37 years as an ag pilot and 20 something years on the Gulf coast of Texas operating my own flying service. I have spent several of those years on the board here at TAAA. I cannot express enough that TAAA needs your resources and membership. Participation matters! TAAA represents us right here in Texas where decisions are made; decisions that can, and do, impact us, physically and financially.


When budgets are tight and times seem uncertain I have heard “What has TAAA done for me?” Let me tell you , it’s what you don’t hear about , stopped before they can be an issue, that allows us many of the freedoms and a safe environment to fly. Texas has more geography and crops than most states. The regulations set forth right here in Texas affect you directly. Imagine having policies that are hostile to your very existence being considered? TAAA membership means you have a staff assigned to take a stand on your behalf, directly.


I am honored to serve as your President this year. Buckle up and fly safe!


Paul Bruton

Tradewind Ag service





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