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NAAA Promotes Aerial Application at DC’s Ag Day on the Mall

The National Agricultural Aviation Association is participating in Ag Day on the Mall with the display of an aerial application helicopter from Helicopter Applicators, Inc. in Gettysburg, Pa. The helicopter will be equipped with a liquid spray system used for application of crop protection materials.

The helicopter, along with a spray boom simulation model and other informational displays, will give legislators, Congressional staff members, regulatory officials and Washington visitors an up-close opportunity to learn about the essential role ag aviation plays in modern food production.

As of Tuesday, March 22, NAAA has already met with top management staff of the EPA, national press and ag coalition partners, such as the head of the Farm Bureau.

This display puts the aerial application industry in the forefront of policy makers in DC, and the National Agricultural Aviation Association has done a great job!

Photos: National Agricultural Aviation Association




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