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Washoe County Health District Applies Aerial Mosquito Abatement

Regardless of the increased amount of moisture we’ve received this year, Oxarart says that the testing they have done this season shows that the levels of mosquitos has stayed about average.

He tells us that they’ve spent about three hours spreading the treatment in areas, starting from Stead Airport and Lemmon Valley, through Kiley Ranch and some Spanish Springs areas, along Veterans Parkway, around the wetlands of the Damonte Ranch area, and then finishing up with Washoe Lake.

They say using a helicopter helps makes the whole process more effective.

“We think it’s very effective just because the treatment we do use it’s a granular product. It’s not a liquid or a spray, it’s not a crop-dusting type of thing. It’s a very specific treatment to the areas where we know mosquitos are, and it’s with the granular environmentally friendly treatment. And just having the helicopter being able to maneuver the way that it can just allow it to be a very specific treatment to those mosquito inhabitants,” Oxarart says.

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