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NAAA Newsletter – FBI-DHS Announce Hamas-Israel War Has Increased Threat of Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil; Make Sure Your Operation in Secure

In a Fly Safe Message emailed on Monday morning, NAAA alerted the industry that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released a public service announcement to highlight potential terrorist threats in the United States in response to the war in the Middle East. While the level of skill required to operate an agricultural aircraft makes it unlikely that it would be used by terrorists, the aerial application industry must nevertheless remain alert to any and all potential threats. Hostile actors may be interested in large quantities of fuel or chemicals instead of aircraft.
There are numerous ways to increase the security at your operation. A common and effective solution used by many operators is a video camera system. You can customize the number and location of the cameras, monitor them via the internet, and record footage. Many have the ability to alert you should they detect movement. Don’t forget the simple things either, such as locking all building and vehicle doors and securing your chemicals and fuel. See NAAA’s Ag Aviation Security webpage for more information, including the Airfield Watch Brochure and an article on hidden cutoff switches.
Don’t be complacent with security procedures at your ag operation. You may think that because your operation is in a very rural area there’s no possible way someone would consider your site, but that’s exactly why they might choose your operation. Remain vigilant at all times.




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