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Wire Strike Course in Mississippi

The DSU/Blues Air Flight Program is offering a Wire Strike Course on January 9, 2024 in Cleveland, MS (RNV—exact location to be determined later).  This is the same course offered at the NAAA.  The program is $7,500 (covered by DSU/Blues Air) for the first 50 people and $2,000 for each additional 50 people. This comes to $40 a person.  In addition to the Wire Strike Course, lunch will be provided.

The MAAA is reaching out to all its members along with Arkansas AAA and Louisiana AAA to help bring safety and awareness to our industry through this course.

To reserve your seat at the program, send a check for $40 payable to MAAA by December 20, 2023, to:

Vicki Morgan
MAAA Executive Director
1000 River Birch Cove
Greenwood, MS 38930

Please make sure you include your cell number and email address with registration check.  Vicki will contact you with final time and location of course.

If you have any questions about this course, please respond to Lyle Malloy at lylemalloy@gmail.com or contact me at 662-588-6002.





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