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TAAA 2024 Convention Sets New Records

via TAAA Newsletter

TAAA’s 2024 Annual Convention and Exhibition attracted more than 350 people earlier this month in Corpus Christi.  A good time was had by all!

We always seem to have a particularly successful event in Corpus but had not been back since 2017.  The 2024 meeting got us back above pre-Covid numbers in attendance, and we also had the largest number of Exhibitors in the last several years.

The Welcome Reception was sponsored by Corteva and our Annual Awards Banquet was hosted by EGE.  Neal Aircraft made sure that every event had a fully open bar, so no one had to pay for any drinks at any of our official events.  That might have had something to do with the Auction revenue breaking our previous record.  Many thanks to Jason and Carla Wooten for serving as the auctioneer and organizer over the past several years.

Overall, our sponsorships also broke a previous record, and helped TAAA raise the dollars that allow the association to effectively represent the ag-aviation industry.  Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller did his usual excellent job at our governmental affairs luncheon, and the PAASS presentation continues to be the most outstanding CEU programming in the country.

Special thanks to Paul Bruton and his lovely wife Patricia.  During his two years as TAAA President, Paul provided the leadership that helped make both the Lubbock Convention last year and this one in Corpus Christi work out so well.

We will provide several additional updates in the next few newsletters about the 2024 Convention, including pieces on the winners of our annual Operator and Pilot of the Year awards as well as the election of new TAAA officers.

If you did not make it to Corpus Christi, we hope you will consider coming next year.  Not only is this convention a lot of fun, but its success translates directly into the role TAAA plays in protecting and enhancing the bottom line of everyone involved in aerial application in Texas.





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