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Aerial Application in Brazil: Manned Aircraft and Drones Fly to ‘New Highs’

Brazil has vast arable land and a suitable climate for agriculture, enabling it to be one of the largest target markets for plant protection products in the world.

The increasing demand for food around the world also drives the development of Brazil’s pesticide market. In recent years, the sales of pesticides in Brazil have maintained stable growth. In 2014, the figure was US$12.249 billion. In 2019, the figure came to US$13.7 billion, up 5.8% from 2018 and 11.8% from 2014.

At present, pesticides are used on a large scale in Brazil, while ‘enhanced efficiency with lower use rate’ becomes the general trend for pesticide application and is the most extensive demand of all growers and consumers. How does one maximize the utilization rate of pesticides while reducing their use from a strategic perspective to guarantee food safety, ecological safety and sustainable development? The aviation industry coming with the development of modern industrial technology provides an effective way to achieve this goal.

Spraying pesticides by aircraft can realize high efficiency, specialization and large coverage for pest and disease control. In Brazil, big plantation owners operate the large-scale agriculture and farmers own a small number of scattered plots of farmland. Big plantation owners control most of Brazil’s fertile farmland and take a dominant position. In such a situation, manned agricultural aircraft suitable for large-scale pest and disease control become the pivotal force for aerial application in Brazil.

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