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Air Tractor (402, 502, 602, 802) Training Courses

For over 20 years, Turbine Training Center has offered a turbine transition training course for ag pilots moving from piston and into turbine powered aircraft.

By incorporating Air Tractor simulator time with the classroom familiarization of the PT6 and its operation, we are able to significantly enhance the knowledge and skills gained through the course. We can give the pilot repetition with normal, operating procedures of the turbine engine, but also have the ability to cover any and all emergency procedures which would not be possible in the actual aircraft in a controlled environment.

We are now offering Dual Instruction Time Building packages in a dual controlled AT-802.

Whether you are pursuing a career in agricultural aviation or a seasoned, high time pilot, you can benefit from the safety and knowledge that is gained through initial or recurrent training. Turbine Training Center makes it possible and easier than ever!

Call (866) 335-1224 for details or visit our website at https://www.turbine-training.com/air-tractor-training.html






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