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Flexibility in Products, Repairs and Pricing

Turbines Inc is the independent PT6A overhaul/repair shop, since 1981. The FAA applies the same rigorous requirements to independent shops like Turbines Inc. that they do to Pratt & Whitney “approved” shops. In fact, independent shops, like Turbines Inc., work from the same required manuals that “approved” Pratt & Whitney overhaul/repair shops do.  

Independent overhaul/repair shops like Turbines Inc. have more flexibility in products, repairs, and pricing. Our customers get the same quality overhaul from our independent shop as you would from an “approved” Pratt & Whitney shop, for significantly less money.

Products – Independent shops can use PMA parts (Parts Manufacturer Approval)

A PMA part is a replacement part that has undergone an extensive review process and received approval from the FAA.  Often times the FAA subjects these parts to even more rigorous scrutiny than the OEM parts.  PMA parts offer significant cost savings vs. OEM products.  Of course, the customer will be consulted as to preference to use OEM or PMA parts.

Pricing – Independent shops have greater flexibility in pricing.  The same overhauled parts that are used by a Pratt & Whitney shop and an independent shop normally are priced very differently.  Pratt & Whitney approved shop usually charges list less a percentage.  We normally charge cost plus.  This can be a large difference in pricing for the same part resulting in savings from the independent shop. Service Bulletins can selectively be incorporated by an independent shop versus mandated installation in a Pratt & Whitney shop. 

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