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P&WC 850 SHP STC – “The Sweet Spot”

The golf ball goes the farthest when it is hit in the sweet spot. Cascade hits the “sweet spot” with the P&WC PT6A-41/42 850 SHP STC kits to upgrade the 500-gallon Thrush and Air Tractor AT-502/502B aircraft. This STC upgrade increases your acres per hour and the profitability of your business. Operating ag aircraft at higher elevations or higher temperatures is where this upgrade will really increase productivity.

The PT6A-41/42 turbine from P&WC has been the foundation that has made the King Air B200 the most successful business aircraft in the world. The prolific success of the King Air has made the PT6A-41/42 engines, parts and pricing readily available. The increase in performance for Cascade’s earlier STC for the Air Tractor AT-502/502B and now the 500-gallon Thrush models is significant. 

The PT6A-41/42 maintains continuous 850 SHP up to 106° OAT which increases safety margins and eliminates downloading on high temperature days. The 850 SHP turbine is the power “sweet” spot for the 500-gallon ag aircraft. This conversion kit is complete with the Cascade Pressure Cowl which has been proven to deliver more clean air and protects the turbine in harsh environments, reducing ITT temps and fuel consumption.

The Pressure Cowl also delivers on maintenance with easy access to service both the air filtration system and  fuel nozzles with no FOD history. The Cascade Pressure Cowl continues to be a must-have for the owner/operator to protect their operational investment. Cascade Aircraft Conversions continues to offer products to benefit the ag market. Give Cascade a call for these or other performance products to make your business more profitable.

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