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Satloc — Developing New Products

Our new Satloc team has been hard at work developing new Satloc products. Smaller and smarter has been a trademark of Satloc for years and the new team has taken this to heart while hard at work developing the next generation of Satloc products. Satloc’s engineers are working on the fastest, most capable, and most reliable GPS system yet, all with a sleek compact design, enhanced connectivity, intelligent and intuitive user control, truly a new experience. We are excited for the release after testing. Additionally, the new IntelliFlow 3 (IF3) flow control is already in flight-testing with ultra-low volume options and a rugged, compact, easy to install design as well. 

Utilizing cloud technology our Satloc team has released the Satloc Cloud for flight-testing. The Satloc Cloud subscription will give Satloc customers additional tools to monitor applications in real-time with maps and other support functions. From your computer, phone, or tablet you can watch your application in real-time, send jobs and prescription maps during flight, and download logs anytime.  The Cloud also connects your Satloc devices and data directly to a variety of third-party support, logistics, and billing companies.

Delivering superior quality with simple, easy to use products for all budgets is at the heart of Satloc as we continue to engineer for aerial applicators. Satloc offers a complete line of GPS units from basic to highly advanced. With the addition of Satloc to the Transland family we will continue to produce top-quality equipment to meet all applicators needs. Here are some highlights of the products now available through your Satloc dealer.

Satloc GPS equipment covers all the bases starting with our simplistic easy to use LiteStar IV guidance system. This entry-level system is easy to install and work with. Select a pattern or fly along with other setup options and the LiteStar IV guides you along each row (or swath) in your pattern. View selected data on the rugged, glare-resistant lightbar that comes with the system. The LiteStar IV guidance system will simplify and improve all types of spraying applications. 

Quality, Affordable, GPS Guidance is what customers demand and the Satloc Bantam system delivers. Built within a compact durable case suited to withstand the rigors of aircraft movement no one beats the toughness of the Bantam. Satloc Bantam also connects to the Intelliflow 2 (IF2) which manages liquid applications, sprays precise patterns using constant rate flow control, reducing fuel, flying time, and application costs.

Satloc G4 is the most advanced complete system available on the market today. Satloc IntelliTrac aerial guidance software provides precise, flexible guidance technology for today’s aerial spray market. For flow control Satloc G4 connects with the Intelliflow 2 to manage both liquid and dry applications. Unlock special features inside the Satloc G4 for variable rates in both liquid and dry, Auto dispersal in both liquid and dry, connect AIMMS system, and access system remotely using the Satloc cloud. Connect to the Satloc Cloud to have immediate access to logs and job status, or to get new jobs out to the field instantly.

MapStar is a powerful planning and analysis software available free to all Satloc customers on our website. Using MapStar customers can import or export common GIS file formats, such as CAD DXF, Mapinfo MID/MIF, and Esri®shapefile (SHP) as well as view, analyze, and export log data from any Satloc logging product. We have updated Mapstar to now include Spanish in the flow report tool, modified and improved LOG files menu and improved accuracy on the Map View the On/Off spray. In addition Mapstar now includes the Dry Product Profile Maker. The Product Profile Maker can be utilized to setup the specific hydraulic gate and spreader that is being used with the G4/IF2 on the aircraft and can be tailored to fit almost all constant and variable application rates. Download the latest Mapstar on our website today.

Visit with us at booth 534 for information on upcoming products and attend our Satloc session Monday December 7th from 1-2:30pm see schedule for room details.





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