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Turbine Conversions Ltd. Celebrates 30-Years

2020 has proven to be a year like no other year before! 2020 is a big year for us at Turbine Conversions, Ltd (TCL), we celebrate 30 years bringing innovation to the agricultural aviation market and 50-years for our sister operation Hatfield Spraying Service. It is always is exciting for us to connect with you face to face at the Ag Aviation Expo.  We hope you can join us at booth 901 in Savannah and if not that we can meet again soon!

This is one of the things that makes TCL unique, we are in the same business as you are.  Our president Bill Hatfield knows the challenges you face and wants to bring you products that help you be more profitable and increase safety for your aircraft and crew. TCL is family owned, global business, built on the cornerstones of innovation, quality and integrity. Our customers and business partners become family and are treated accordingly.

It all started when Bill & Nancy Hatfield were asked by MELEX USA to develop a turbine powered M18 Dromader. The new Whispering M18 Dromader was one of the first ag aircraft utilized for single engine air tanker firefighting.  Bill & Nancy’s involvement in the early days of the Single Engine Air Tanker association helped define the SEAT program we see today.  A need for innovative new designs in retardant delivery systems were met with the innovation of the Hatfield Hydraulic Fire Gate and was designed and STCd. The new firegate became one of only three approved by the BLM/USFS and started TCL’s expansion into support equipment for the ag aviation industry. After two decades TCL firegates have been proven to be reliable equipment fighting fires on around the world.

Finding a solution for hot refueling and increasing ground crew safety led to the most popular TCL design, the Single Point Fueling System.  Approved in US, Australia, Canada & Brazil and for hot refueling with the BLM. Making TCL SPF system #1 in the world!

TCL has continued to invest in the development and acquisition of innovative STCd technologies.  TCL’s current portfolio offers almost 40 STCs for the agricultural and civil aviation market.

As a result of Bill’s years of innovation he was inducted into the Agricultural Aviation Hall of Fame in 2014. Always looking into new ways to solve customer’s problems, TCL developments have helped ag operators increase efficiency and productivity around the world. 

2020 saw three new STCs submitted for FAA approval and an amazing partnership with Zanoni Equipamentos. TCL now brings additional quality choices in spray systems to US customers, it is just an additional way that TCL can serve your ag aviation operations!

A company doesn’t celebrate 30-years without a great staff, supportive partnerships and amazing customers. We are appreciative of all the amazing relationships we have formed over the past 30-years and are looking forward to the next 30-years! Please let us know how we can serve you in 2020!

Bill & Nancy Hatfield

Ann Hatfield – Grahek & Mark Grahek





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