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ZEE Systems Innovations 2020

ZEE Systems, Inc. is a small family owned company. Thank you for allowing us to serve the air conditioning needs for your aircraft. We are an FAA-PMA approved Part 21 manufacturer (PQ0490SW). 

2021 brings the introduction of our new sealed Z38-89030 Motor-Compressor and Controller. This lighter system reduces maintenance and increases efficiency with a capacity of 15,000 BTU The new low current Motor-Compressor has no required maintenance. There is no belt to adjust and no brushes to check or change. Operating current with the Power Condenser is 40-45A @ 28VDC. This saves wear on your starter-generator and needs smaller wire size for a lighter installation.

The Zee Company, Inc., our Part 145 Unlimited Class I, II and III repair station offers quality overhauls, repairs and exchanges. Approved by the FAA (EA2R787K) and EASA (145.5097) they specialize in Starter-Generators, fuel, pneumatic, hydraulic, mechanical and electromechanical components.





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