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Aerotek to Donate 500 Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine in Quirinopolis, Brazil

Ag aviation company Aerotek Aviação Agrícola announced Friday that the company would be donating 500 doses of the COVID-19 vaccination to assist the already in progress municipal vaccination program lead by the City of Quirinópolis / Goiás.

The company signed a letter of intent last week with the city’s municipal administration with the aim of accelerating the delivery of vaccines to the area that is already in progress in a joint federal/municipal delivery.

In a statement released about the donation, Tiago Textor, a director of Aerotek and director of industry aviation association Sindag, Textor stated that their donation equals ten times that of the amount of employees the company currently has, noting that the delivery of the Russian “Sputnik” vaccine costs $9.75 per unit to administer.

“We immediately volunteered to contribute a significant volume to actually help the population of the city” said Textor. The city of Quirinópolis has set up a fund to receive donations from the private sector thanks to the outpouring of support from companies like Aerotek and many others as the municipality aims to collect $1 million from the private sector to assist with the immunization of residents numbering approximately 47,000.






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