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The Busy Season is Upon Us!

The Busy Season is Upon Us!


We didn’t get a chance to make it to all the conventions we would have liked to. However, it’s been a whirlwind going to the ones we attended. I love seeing all our friends and customers. After two years of hibernation, it feels good to talk to people in person.


I always enjoy visiting with the PAASS presenters as well. Like the traveling vendors, they get to know and feel the region they are attending.


Some conventions are unique in their own way. The Louisiana convention enjoys its annual fundraiser by having a crawfish race. Many conventions have silent and live auctions. Some have raffles, and some have barrel races! I think it’s so cool to keep it lively and active. I know there’s a lot of hard work putting these conventions on, and I always appreciate it. If we can’t go, we always do our best to support and donate to them either way.


This year, one special delight is one of our awesome customers Jim Perrin, the NAAA president, and his beautiful wife, Julie. It was great to see them multiple times at the many different conventions. I got a kick out of telling him that each NAAA president was obliged to kick off the song “Sweet Caroline” at a Louisiana kickoff party (I think I put him in shock) while I played the piano. However, vendor Doug Davis helped out, and all was well. (This was a tradition started by former NAAA president Perry Hofer who did a great job).


I was happy to be accompanied by my office manager, Amy, who really helped out. My husband Jerry was having back issues and wasn’t able to attend.


Some of our customers had very good seasons this past year, and others did not. There have been droughts or floods in some areas but amazing opportunities in others. I’ve heard there was a pilot shortage, and one of my customers hired some pilots from Africa. I talked to them, and they were so happy to be in America.


I’m seeing many of my friends retire and letting younger people buy them out. It’s exciting to watch the industry become more open to new technologies and their workflows become more efficient. I think the younger generation will demand higher-tech operations.


I was able to have classes at multiple conventions, and it’s always amazing how different areas have different workflows. You have to be adaptable and listen to each customer and hopefully make everyone happy if possible.


This year, one of the big highlights is the interface with wireless GPS systems. The fact that you can hit a button and wirelessly transfer the shapefiles to the GPS is amazing! No more thumb drives. I get so excited to help bring new technology to the industry!


Let’s all hope and pray that we have a safe and prosperous season! Y’all fly safe!





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