• Montenegro Newest AT-802 Shows New Registration

    Montenegro Newest AT-802 Shows New Registration0

    The Montenegrin Ministry of Interior, Aviation-Helicopter Unit (Avio-helikopterska jedinica Ministarstva unutrašnjih poslova Republike Crne Gore), acquires a dual cockpit Air Tractor AT-802 fire-fighting aircraft as seen here at Podgorica-Golubovci International airport on 17 September. It is the newest firefighting aircraft to join Aviation-Helicopter Unit. The aircraft now wears recenlty applied Montenegrin civil registration 4O-EAD (s/n

  • Portugal’s AT-802 deployed to Sweden

    Portugal’s AT-802 deployed to Sweden0

    By Igor Bozinovski Europe will remember the summer of 2018 by the continent-wide heatwave that brought drought and wildfires to places where no one expected: Sweden! While many were surprised by the Swedish wildfires, those with good memory remembered this nothing new, as only four years ago the Nordic nation survived a similar disaster when

  • Bulgaria, Turkey, Israel join Macedonia’s wildfire battle0

    The 2017 summer firefighting season saw many disastrous wildfires raging across the Mediterranean and on the Balkan Peninsula where Croatia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania and Macedonia have been the most affected. The dry weather with weeks of extremely high temperatures caused intensive wildfires that stretched and exhausted regional civil protection systems, forcing some Balkan nations

  • NCFS takes delivery of AT-802F1

    by Bill Lavender From a modest beginning in the 1940s, the North Carolina Forest Service (NCFS) aviation program has grown into a formidable fire management tool. The original force was composed of Piper observation planes and surplus Navy N3Ns, used as water bombers. Today, the agency operates 23 aircraft, including 18 fixed wing aircraft and

  • All-in with Aero Tech0

    The year was 1990. Ted Stallings was working his AT-400 on a Gypsy Moth contract, as he had done countless times since forming Aero Tech. Back then, grasshopper, gypsy moth, boll weevil – just about any eradication – was Aero Tech’s mainstay. Business was at an all-time high and Ted was flying lead in a