It Just Makes “Plane Sense” to Train in an “Ag Plane”

Since starting our industry-specialized Professional Aerial Applicator Training Program we have trained pilots from many countries in the world.   It has been a pleasure and an education working with these pilots.  

Battlefords Airspray continues to be a “premier training facility” offering “unique training programs”!  Our location in a prairie agricultural community offers a variety of field challenges for honing skills.

Our side by side dual controlled, spraycraft are fully operational for aerial application.  They are outfitted with Transland/SatLoc GPS, flow controls, booms, nozzles, hoppers and state of the art communication equipment!  

The unique platform of both the Gippsland GA200 and the Air Tractor AT-504 allow instructors to demonstrate and visually monitor the reactions of students.  Safety and Professionalism remain high priorities in our curriculum.

 With over 100 years of experience our ag instructors have a lot to offer!   

Professional Agricultural Pilot Training by Professional Ag Pilots






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